Rebirth of a legend

Remember your Cove?  Where you hung out with classmates in between and after classes?  Six years after Katrina, UNO's most popular dining facility and home of the Sandbar is well on its way to reopening.  Recently, students, faculty and staff joined the UNO International Alumni Association to give UNO students back the vibrant campus life and functional amenities they deserve for academic success.  On December 2, 2011, the UNO Community celebrated the rebirth of the Cove and Sandbar in style.  Enjoy the slide show below or Click Here to see all of our photos - and add your own - on our Facebook page. 

Second Line Opens the New Cove!
Second Line Opens the New Cove!


Remember Your Cove?

For over 30 years, UNO’s Cove provided students and faculty a convenient and comfortable place to gather between classes to study, relax or have a meal.  Its Sandbar helped create a lively campus, fostered friendships and lifelong memories, and provided entertainment and recreation to the UNO community.

Thanks in part to the generous gifts of alumni and friends, future generations can now make their own memories at the new state-of-the-art Cove and Sandbar!!

Did you know that 62%* of high school seniors made their choice of institution on the basis of the appearance of the campus buildings and grounds? Most of them within the first 15 minutes of arriving on campus.  First impressions matter - and campus environment can make or break a university’s ability to attract and retain students and faculty in today’s competitive higher education market.  

The first initiative of the UNO International Alumni Association's Campus Improvement Campaign, the restored Cove and Sandbar will help UNO recruit students and give the UNO community a reason to linger longer on campus.  The impressive new facility makes a positive, tangible statement to the community about UNO's future and commitment to the region.

The Association's next Campus Improvement Initiative is in the planning stages.  Stay tuned for more details and in the meantime, come enjoy the new and improved Cove and its Sandbar!  A Legacy reborn!  Check out the Slide Show below of the December 2 Grand Opening.  And don't miss the THEN and NOW shots below! 

The Cove THEN                                                                                                                           The Cove NOW

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