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We would like to acknowledge all of the support from our alumni and friends who have made the University what it is today. To celebrate the University of New Orlean's 60th anniversary, we asked some of our philanthropic leaders why they support UNO. Thank you!

Timothy J. adams

 "One thing I'm proud of is I'm a Privateer! But we have to build that legacy. You're a part of that UNO family and you have to be a part of it when it comes to giving. We want UNO to be the best institution possible. We want it to be that university we can brag about. So part of that is that you have to give back in order to be that."

Tim Adams

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Dr. Barbara Ferguson

"It is incumbent upon us to share this with others. Give back to an institution that has made such a profound difference in our lives"

 Dr. Barbara Ferguson



Robert Merrick

"I call it not a donation but an investment. It's an investment for our company, it's an investment for my employees, it's an investment for our people and it's an investment for the community. It is not just a donation." 

Bob Merrick

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dr. robert Savoie

 "I want to be one of those people who inspires other alums to donate to the University"

 Bobby Savoie

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