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UNO Alumnus Paul CatalanottoPaul Catalanotto

Paul Catalanotto (MFA '09), New Orleans filmaker, recently put final touches on his feature-length horror movie, “Sacrilege,” a screenplay about a demonic music box that he and his wife co-wrote with a UNO graduate student. Catalanotto’s first feature-length horror film “Proof of the Devil” (2014) sold nationally and internationally. Produced by Rohan Dhurandhar and distributed by a company called Genesis, the movie is available from WalMart, Amazon and other commercial outlets. At one point, it was advertised in New York City’s Times Square.

Catalanotto then sold the screenplay for “Proof of the Devil” sequel, which is being directed by Louisiana filmmaker Jason Hewitt and will be distributed by the same company. He says he has loved watching Hewitt’s work on the movie—and he’s excited to see the outcome, since he crammed everything he wanted to do but couldn’t afford to do in the first movie into its sequel.

Soon after, Catalanotto decided it was time to make a movie that would be truly his own—one he would write, direct and produce. That’s where “Sacrilege” came in. He and wife Mary Catalanotto started writing and brainstorming before turning to Mark Twain Williams, a UNO screenwriting graduate student, for help.

But that's not the only place where UNO's comprehensive film program came in handy. As he prepared to make an event larger film than Proof of the Devil, Catalanatto's major professor, cinemaphotographer Hamp Overton, suggested getting UNO students involved as cast and crew giving them real film experience.   

Read the full story by Rebecca Catalanello - originally published in the University of New Orleans Magazine, Spring 2016 edition.- about alumnus Paul Catalanotto and the role UNO's film and theatre department played in his new feature film: Click Here.

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