The UNO Alumni Association

Whether you’re a Privateer or a friend, the University of New Orleans Alumni Association is THE vehicle through which you can stay informed, connected, and engaged with UNO. The volunteer board-driven association provides many fun and meaningful ways you can make a real difference for the future of UNO. Whether you’re interested in student recruiting, increasing the University's visibility in the community, planning events, professional networking, gaining leadership experience, partying with fellow Privateers, or simply staying current on UNO news, we’ve got you covered.


Our AlumniOur programs run the gamut from elegant cocktail soirees to our massive annual all-you-can-eat crawfish boil & music festival; professional development programs like our Dine Like a Pro Etiquette Luncheon and Resume Workshops aimed at helping today's UNO students compete after graduation; alumni networking events like the CLE courses for JD alumni hosted by judges who are alumni in their courtrooms and much more. And that's not half even the tip of the iceberg!

Each of our programs aims to satisfy our core strategic goals: Support Student Success, Build Positive UNO Awareness, Engage Former Students, Increase Participation. Support Student Success - Resume Review

We're UNO's support team. We are the Alumni Recruitment Krewe helping the Office of Admissions recruit future students. We are the mentors who help students gain the soft skills they need to be successful. We are the ambassadors of our university in the community. We are the hosts of year-round social activities and professional opportunities. We are YOUR UNO Alumni Association. Not a member yet? Sign up today! It's FREE!

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Supported by the Office of Alumni Affairs, the UNO Alumni Association is a member-driven 501(c)(3) organization established 40+ years ago to foster loyalty and fellowship and to promote UNO’s welfare. It continues to be the vehicle through which former students can stay involved, have fun, and make a difference.