UNO International Alumni Association

The UNO International Alumni Association is a member-driven, 501(c)(3) organization established nearly 40 years ago to foster loyalty and fellowship and to promote UNO’s welfare. Led by a volunteer Board of Directors, the Association continues to be the vehicle through which alumni can stay involved, support UNO, make a difference and have fun.  The Association is supported by the UNO Office of Alumni Affairs.


The strength of our University rests in you… our alumni.

More than ever before, your alma mater needs your support.  

Whether you’re a Privateer or a friend, the UNO International Alumni Association (UNOIAA) is THE vehicle through which you can stay informed, connected and engaged with UNO.  FREE online registration makes you a member of the Association and a vital part of UNO’s support team.

The volunteer-driven UNOIAA provides many meaningful - and fun - ways you can make a real difference for the future of UNO. Whether you’re interested in student recruiting, increasing UNO’s visibility in the community, planning events, professional networking, gaining leadership experience or simply staying current on UNO news, we’ve got you covered.

Membership is easy and now it’s FREE.

Why register? It’s Good For YOU: FREE registration provides access to exclusive benefits like searchable online directories, manageable email subscriptions, personalized content and communications and more. In addition, you automatically receive the benefits of full UNO International Alumni Association membership including the UNO magazine, discounts to the UNO Fitness Center, bookstore and to many UNO events, access to the UNO library, and much more. As you’ll see in our Privacy Policy, you have the option at all times to restrict what information you choose to share and what you choose to keep private.

Need another reason? It’s Good For UNO: By updating your contact infromation and alumni profile, you supply us with the information we need to paint a compelling picture to recruit future students, top notch faculty and researchers and to attract grant funds. YOU are our success story. YOU are what we brag about. So, please, take just a minute and sign up now and keep UNO and each UNO diploma strong!